Zoom Meetings

Islip Parish Council has resolved to hold e-meetings, using Zoom. 

Here is the agenda for next Tuesday, 14th April 2020.

Please see the details at the end of this message.




Meeting to be held on

Tuesday 14th April 2020 

to be preceded by a meeting of the Expressway and Greater Islip sub-group at 7.30 p.m.

to be held remotely in view of the government’s current rules on meetings




1. Apologies

2. Minutes of meeting of Tuesday 10th March 2020 and Emergency Meeting 24th March 2020 [held remotely] (previously circulated) 

3. Matters arising which will not be raised under subsequent agenda items

4. District and County Council Reports

5. Changes in Members’ interests and declarations of personal or prejudicial  interest

6. Administrative matters (NW)

(a) Oxford/Cambridge Expressway and Greater Islip sub-group (PC, NR, DC)

(b) Position of clerk (MJW)

(c) Financial Regulations; Standing Orders; Risk Register; Good Councillors Guide 2018 (PC)

(d) AGM and Annual Parish Meeting 2020 (NW)

7. Financial matters (MJW)

(a) Garden competition award ’19-20 (DC, PC)

(b) Grass-cutting (MJW)

(c) Draft year-end accounts 2019-20; Internal Audit; Governance Statement  (MJW)

(d) CDC Covid-19 fund (FF)

8. Environment (Peter Collins)

(a) Flood Management Plan – update (PC)

9. Communications (Fiona Forbes)

10. Traffic, Highways and Footpaths (Dennis Price)

(a) Speed camera and Traffic Group report (DP)

(b) 20 mph zone – Wheatley Road (DP)

11. PC Properties (Peter Collins)

(a) Play area zip-wire surfacing, etc (PC)

(b) Swan Inn car park (MJW)

(c) Lower Street fence posts (MJW)

(d) deeds for playing field (MJW)

(e) Tree survey 2018 (MJW)

12. Planning (Nathan Wiles)

(a) Planning applications and other planning matters (NW)

13. Strategic Planning (Nicola Richardson)

14. Network Rail /Chiltern Railways (Nathan Wiles)

15. Village Hall (Donella Chapman)

(a) Report of PC representative on management committee (DC)

16. Education (Fiona Forbes)

17. Public Transport (Fiona Forbes)

18. Health (Fiona Forbes)

(a) Training for defibrillator (FF)

(b) Coronavirus community response (FF)

19. Security (Fiona Forbes)

20. Action Points (Nathan Wiles)

21. Any other business

22. Date of next meeting: the next meeting of the Parish Council will be held remotely on Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 7.30pm, preceded by an open meeting of the Expressway and Greater Islip sub-group at 7.30pm


Residents wishing to raise an issue pertaining to an agenda item detailed above are invited to send it in writing to the Clerk at clerkislippc@hotmail.co.uk 


Residents wishing to address the Council on any matter are asked to pass their email details to the Clerk at clerkislippc@hotmail.co.uk in good time prior to the meeting.



Again, if anyone would like to observe or address the meeting, please let me know, letting me have your email details and the item of business in which you have a particular interest.


Michael Wilkinson


Islip Parish Council



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