Oxford - Cambridge Expressway

Letter and document from the Church Commissioners Agents (Lichfields)

Please find attached (see below) the document from the Church Commissioners Agents (Lichfields) which sets out their proposal for land development around Islip. 


The proposal was formulated in April of this year and was submitted to the Joint Spatial Planning Authorities (who are preparing the Oxfordshire 2050 plan). 


As such it is a vision for what the landowners see as potential development around Islip in response to a call for 'Strategic Location Ideas'. It is therefore more of a statement of intent than a finished proposal for development and has not been through the planning process as yet. 


It should also be noted that any development in Islip of this scale would be prohibited under the Green Belt protections but that these protections may be challenged by the Expressway project should it come close to Islip, or indeed by revisions/updates of the Cherwell Local Plans.


This document is therefore shared to ensure that the local residents are fully aware of the direction of travel with regard to local landowners plans for development around Islip and the possible implications of the Expressway route choices.




Dr Peter Collins

Chair, Islip Parish Council