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Vaccination Clinic Update
The next clinic is due to take place on:

As you know, the vaccination programme at Islip village hall is progressing well. When the clinics are running the entrance to the Village Hall and car park become extremely busy. It would be really helpful to avoid parking at the Village Hall when the clinics are taking place to assist with the free flow of traffic. Thank you for your help and understanding.

to be announced.

Repairs Affecting the Bund and Weir

The Environment Agency is preparing to carry out repairs to the bund which is located between Mill Street, Islip and the Weir structure. The proposed work will also involve upgrading our Telemetry apparatus located adjacent to the weir.


The Church Commissioners have approved our proposals and you will be pleased to hear that our contractors are due to mobilise to site on 29 March 2021. I anticipate that the work will take approximately four weeks to complete and every effort will be made to reduce the disruption to the public during the work.


Part of the new telemetry apparatus will be installed on the footbridge which spans the River Ray at the weir. In order to carry out this work safely and efficiently it will be necessary to temporarily close the permissive footpath crossing the weir. Our contractor has suggested that a duration of 5 days would allow sufficient time to carry out the required work on the bridge. All other work on site can be carried out without the need to close this permissive footpath.

Environment Agency.

Islip Village Hall

is currently closed except for vaccinations

Unfortunately, Islip Village Hall is now closed again under the new lockdown restrictions.  However, it is being used for administering COVID-19 vaccinations for the residents of Islip and surrounding areas.


For further information concerning vaccinations, please contact your local surgery.


Oxfordshire County Council

Proposed One-Way traffic system in part of Mill Street to enable the introduction of traffic signal control at Islip bridge.


To go to the OCC Consultation Website for the full details


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