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Vaccination Clinic Update

The next clinics are due to take place on

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th March.

As you know, the vaccination programme at Islip village hall is progressing well. When the clinics are running the entrance to the Village Hall and car park become extremely busy. It would be really helpful to avoid parking at the Village Hall when the clinics are taking place to assist with the free flow of traffic. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Road Closure Affecting Islip

Please be advised that the dates for the  closure of Middle Street have been revised and will now take effect on 23-26 March 2021.

Click here for the Closure Notice.....

Click here for the Plan.....

Islip Village Hall

is currently closed except for vaccinations

Unfortunately, Islip Village Hall is now closed again under the new lockdown restrictions.  However, it is being used for administering COVID-19 vaccinations for the residents of Islip and surrounding areas.


For further information concerning vaccinations, please contact your local surgery.


Oxfordshire County Council

Proposed One-Way traffic system in part of Mill Street to enable the introduction of traffic signal control at Islip bridge.


To go to the OCC Consultation Website for the full details


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