In June we celebrated Community Shop Fortnight and at this writing we have just, as those who joined us today know, celebrated this by holding a free Coffee Morning & tasting of our new home- baked Shand’s Cakes.

Nodene, the wonderful maker, kindly came along to talk to people and actually made large sponges fresh this morning before she came. In the short time we have been stocking them sales have tripled, with customers returning constantly for more. There are individual servings of the loaf cakes so you are able to try different ones to find your favourite. She also makes birthday, wedding & party cup cakes which can be seen on her Facebook page. It is wonderful to find another top class, local supplier.

We also displayed our other local products, which have increased substantially over the last three years.

We have now moved into the soft fruit season and hopefully we will have had raspberries before you receive this. The strawberries are delicious and not to be missed. I can obtain all vegetables, salad items, herbs etc from Rectory Farm so just place an order for whatever you need, either via email at the address below or at the shop. Some flowers are also available.

Already we have kindly been given excess produce from village gardens and allotments: thank you! Customers & the shop really appreciate this and we are happy to give the donors half of what they sell for or to just ask for donations. Much better than putting them on the compost heap when lettuce are all ready at the same time. Judging by the number of globe artichokes nearly ready in our garden, we should soon have those available. July 16th is National Cherry Day but as the season is so early this year I would imagine the shop will have cherries before then.

To go with the soft fruit we have local Upper Norton Dairy Jersey cream, clotted cream, creme fraiche and Greek yogurt.

Gwen, one of our wonderful volunteers, has kindly brought her beautifully made, very special cards, ones suitable for most occasions, to sell in the shop. They are priced from £1.00 and are extremely cheap given their quality, uniqueness, and craftsmanship.

We are always happy to hear from you our customers with suggestions for how we may improve the service we offer. There are also so many ways that you can support the shop other than being behind the till; for example, we are so grateful to have Mike producing the most wonderful blackboard displays outside the shop.

Email orders to

Best wishes,

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