Our policy has always been to try to improve the service we offer to the local Community. With this in mind we have decided to drop the 50p card charge. The minimum amount of £5.00 and the maximum of £50 cash back remain the same. We are having a "Special Offer" fortnightly or monthly and generally aiming to keep prices as low as possible.

To help those busy Mums and Dads and those at work we will be displaying a recipe, for which you will be able to buy all the ingredients at the shop. If you have a recipe to share please email to me.

We have started to stock some fresh vegetables and would welcome suggestions on what you would like to be available. As before, you can place orders daily for anything you need. With the growing season progressing we welcome any excess produce from local gardens & allotments and are willing to give you a percentage of the sales. So far I have been providing some rhubarb. Asparagus is selling well and is now down to £8.00 per kilo. Very soon we will have local strawberries, always a delight.
For those customers who would like meat/poultry from Unique Carnifex we have agreed with Phil that it can be ordered from and delivered to us. A price list is available. We will continue to support and stock Bartlett's produce as our main supplier. They have wonderful offers, all produce of the U.K. and of good quality, with home-made sausages, 80% meat content. We also hope to be able to have some local lamb from Noke when it is available.

We now have five families who are willing to open the shop on a Saturday afternoon for an hour and give their children experience behind the counter. If you would willing to volunteer, well please contact me. Hopefully we can start this at the beginning of June.
The new shop is receiving very positive feedback and I, personally, am really feeling the benefit of being able to take in large deliveries with no disturbance to the shop. Many thanks must go to members of the Committee, who have been working hard to organise the stock room, to be fitted out in the best possible way as an office and store. With use of a printer our photocopier will no longer be required, so if you need one do contact me, just a small donation. Our new signs to go on the front and side of the Village Hall are on order and we hope to improve the entrance outside before too long. As we no longer have the notice board outside the shop, we are using the door into the store and have purchased a white board stick on roll for small adverts to be attached to, so do look there for adverts.

Please support your local shop and email orders to

Maralynn & Committee

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