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Red Lion Newsletter 1

Nearly a month into our tenure of the beautifully refurbished community pub that is the Red Lion. James and I and our respective families have been overwhelmed at the support and good wishes going forward given to us by you the village population - and indeed Trip advisor comments.

We are in this business primarily to enjoy it obviously and secondly to pay our way but thirdly and very importantly we are here to provide a service that you the village can believe in and trust.

I've spoken to Barney at the Swan and we believe that the village can sustain two pubs and that we can bounce and thrive off each other. We also want to commit to some inter pub sporting rivalry. Inter pub Aunt Sally, festive season tug of war, golf society and more - all plausible.

Let me tell you a bit about our plans. Under the guidance of our two excellent chefs Paddy and 'Mac' we are already bringing you amazing fare at lunch and dinner time. Nearer the weekend we extend the menu and champion steak on a Thursday, Fish and Fizz on a Friday and of course a traditional Sunday lunch.

We are looking for a couple of people to run a weekly quiz on a Sunday night. We can provide everything needed and have a tried and trusted formula, but just need a couple of people to take this initiative on board and run with it. Soon as we have this in place then a Sunday night quiz and free mid time buffet will commence from say 8.30.
We also have exciting plans for the function room, but that is for next time...

We are also looking for long term staff, contact James for details. The pub number on the pre-launch leaflet that was delivered to you may well have been wrong, it is 01865 375367; ask for a business card fridge magnet - you will always have it to hand then. Also, Sunday evening the kitchen is closed, so have a drink on the patio or in the garden and order in a take away. Only obviously Sunday night and outside and when the kitchen is closed.

Kind regards and best wishes
Andy, James and families.

Friends of Dr South's 100 club

The Friends of Dr South's have launched their new 100 club and you can join by buying a number in the Islip Village Shop.

The 100 Club will help to raise funds to buy the extras that make our wonderful Village School even more enjoyable.

There will be 10 draws over the year with 100 numbers available to buy.

£10 will buy you a number in each of the 10 draws over the year

Three numbers will be picked out at each draw.

Half of the money from each draw will go to buy a resource for the school and the rest will be divided into the three prizes. For example, if 100 numbers are bought, £50 will go to buy a resource for the School and the Prizes will be £25, £15 and £10

For any questions please contact Sarah Pearson (3 Cherry Trees, Kidlington Road), or tel: 01865 370693.

Meanwhile come and collect a form and pay for a number at the Village Shop

Thank you from Sarah Pearson (on behalf of the Friends of the Dr South's).


HGVs in the village

Procedure for reporting HGVs exceeding the 7.5 ton restriction

Go to Oxfordshire's Weight Restriction Orders page

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Complete and submit the form

You will be required to give your name and email address. In my experience, the County Council are very attentive to reports

Dennis Price











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